Consulting Services

I am pleased to offer individualized consulting services for research in clinical medicine, public health, and beyond. I have extensive experience consulting on a vast array of projects ranging from Masters level theses to power calculations for complex longitudinal study designs to analysis of large clinical trials in regulatory settings. The topic areas for these projects range from public transportation to education program evaluation to clinical care improvement.

Statistics can be intimidating.

In consulting, I believe in a “science-first” approach, which means our discussions will always center around your science. You don’t need to have the language to describe your exact statistical needs; we will identify those needs together by looking through a lens that focuses on the desired scientific output of your study.

Modern science requires modern statistics.

The ways we collect data and the amount of data that we collect is changing rapidly. Dealing with challenges of modern study design and data analysis requires keeping abreast of modern methodology. As an active research faculty member at a large research institution, I keep current on recent trends in scientific research. As a statistical reviewer for several high-impact journals and a reviewer for federal and independent granting agencies, I am intimately familiar with current statistical expectations in the peer review process for publishing papers and submitting grant applications.

Increase your innovation.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are currently enjoying a wave of enthusiasm throughout the scientific community. However, there is also a healthy degree of skepticism amongst the research community. My research involves ensuring that these methods are applied appropriately, so that we can be sure we are identifying signal and not just the noise. Our consulting services offer the chance to go beyond standard statistical analyses and into cutting-edge statistical techniques that can add
innovation and impact to your next research project.

Services offered:

I offer a wide array of services to suit your research needs. These services include:

Pre-study services

  • Statistical sampling review and design
  • Statistical methodology review and design
  • Grant writing/editing
  • Protocol review

Post-study services

Statistical analysis and interpretation almost any standard analytical procedure:

  • Regression (generalized linear models, mixed models, GEE)
  • Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier, Cox regression, additive hazards, accelerated failure time)
  • Bayesian Analysis using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods
  • Meta-analysis

Statistical analysis and interpretation for causal inference:

  • G-computation
  • Propensity score methods (inverse weighting, matching, adjustment)
  • Doubly robust methods (augmented weighting, TMLE)
  • Effect measure heterogeneity analysis

Statistical analysis and interpretation for machine learning:

  • Deep learning (using tensorflow or pytorch)
  • Random forests
  • Boosting
  • Meta-learning / super learning
  • Validation
  • Optimal treatment recommendation

Responding to statistical reviewers of manuscripts or grants

Automation services

Do you have data that are frequently updated and re-analyzed? We are pleased to offer services that provide customized, fully automated statistical analyses and reports with each update of the data. The services we design are portable and can be used whether your data are stored locally or in the cloud.

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