David joins a discussion on statistics of COVID-19 vaccine trials

With early results of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy trials emerging, everyone is eager to understand and interpret their findings. David joined a panel that included Dr. Elizabeth M. Halloran and was moderated by Dr. Natalie Dean. The panel was part of the ongoing COPSS-NISS COVID-19 Data Science Webinar Series.

The discussion took a deep dive into the design and analysis of COVID-19 vaccine trials. Topics covered included the FDA’s guidance on COVID-19 efficacy trials, how to measure vaccine efficacy, an analysis of the published trial protocols, and the search for immune correlates of protection.

A summary, recording, and the slides used in David’s talk of the panel discussion are available online.

About David Benkeser

I’m an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health primarily interested in research involving vaccines, machine learning, causal inference, and all things data science. I teach courses on statistical theory, causal inference, and tools for data science. Beyond that, I offer individualized consulting services for research in clinical medicine, public health, and beyond.

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